Reloadable Debit

The Visa Reloadable Prepaid card is a smart and cost-effective alternative to carrying cash. The Reloadable card allows you to load cash onto the card and then make purchases everywhere that accepts Visa debit cards. Offering the Reloadable debit card as a free benefit to your employees can boost morale, solve household financial issues and encourage controlled spending. Card holders have the convenience of buying gas at the pump and making purchases online such as air and travel expenses. Employees can stop carrying large sums of cash because the Reloadable Debit Card is a safer way to spend money.

And, with the Reloadable Debit Card one can directly deposit a paycheck, tax refunds or other income sources right to the card and have instant access to the funds. Paying bills become a snap with the Reloadable Debit Card because more and more vendors are accepting Visa debit as a form of payment every day.

Since the Reloadable Debit Card only allows purchases to be made up to the amount on the card your employees can finally create financial control. Tracking spending online will improve budgeting and cash flow management. It’s the perfect solution for offering convenience, security and financial control.