Payroll Cards

Innovative Card Services, LLC (ICS) would like to introduce a new concept in Payroll – The PayCard. The PayCard is a re-loadable, pre-paid Visa debit card that will enable you to pay your employees via ACH, rather than with a check. The cards are funded through a standard direct deposit transaction. We offer an easy online program to help you manage the process. The PayCard is the perfect tool for a direct deposit option for your unbanked employees; it is not a bank account so there are no credit checks.

PayCard Cost Savings

You will dramatically lower the cost of your payroll by eliminating the cost of paper checks. The PayCard is a free alternative to paper checks and not only will you experience significant savings, so will your employees. There is no new software or hardware to implement and we offer onsite training for this web-based portal.

  • Free alternative to payroll checks
  • Save time distributing payroll checks
  • No new infrastructure needed
  • Offers great cost-savings to your company and your employees

The Value of PayCards!

Saving your Payroll Department time and money is only the beginning. The PayCard helps to eliminate or reduce the risk of check fraud and lost checks. The PayCard is a Visa debit card and is accepted worldwide and at thousands of retailers.

  • Eliminate or reduce the risk of check fraud and lost checks
  • Offer the PayCard to ALL your employees age 15 and older
  • Everyone qualifies for the PayCard
  • Onsite Training available and continued support

Benefits to your Employees

The PayCard Program is Easy to Administer