Frequently Asked Questions

How does Visa TravelMoney work?
It's a prepaid Visa card, which means you can spend up to the value placed on the card anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. You can shop in stores, online, over the phone, and by mail order. You can get cash at Visa/PLUS ATMs worldwide. Each time you make a purchase, the amount of that purchase is automatically deducted from the card.

How do I know the balance on my Visa TravelMoney card?
You can check at your www.InnovativeCardServices.com and clicking on the TravelMoney Log in. Since a merchant may not be able to tell how much money is on the card, keeping track of your balance is a sure way to know how much you have to spend.

What if my card is lost or stolen?
Call 1.866.763.3370 right away. They will need your card number to cancel your card and issue a new one, so make sure you've kept the card information in a secure place that is separate from the card.

How do I use Visa TravelMoney at an ATM?
Visa TravelMoney can be used at Visa/PLUS ATMs around the world. To get cash at an ATM you should first follow any on-screen directions. If asked which account to access, try selecting “checking”, and if that does not work, use “credit.”

Can I use my card to get gasoline or rent a car?
When you pay at the pump, some stations check to see if you have funds to pay for a full tank (up to $50). If your card is declined even though you still have funds, tell the attendant how much gas you intend to buy and sign the receipt for that amount. Some rental car companies may require that you use a credit card to make a reservation. Your Visa TravelMoney card is always welcome for final payment.

Can I use my card to make reservations at a hotel?
Yes you can, but hotels will verify that your card has sufficient funds to pay an estimated bill for your stay. That amount will be “held” in your account, making it unavailable for other purchases. When you check out, the “hold” will be removed and the actual bill amount will be deducted. You can avoid having funds held by using a Visa credit card at check-in. Your card is always welcome for final payment.

How do I buy something that costs more than what is on my card?
You can use a second payment method such as cash, check, or credit for the difference. Let the cashier know how much you will pay with each type of payment before you make your purchase.

What if I need to return an item I purchased?
Keep your Visa TravelMoney card even after you have used the funds on it. This way you will have it in case you need to make a return. You'll need to contact the merchant and follow the merchants return procedures. The value of the merchandise will be available on your card in three to seven days after the return. Not enough available funds? If you want to make a purchase but don't have enough money on your card, many merchants will allow you to make a partial payment.